Duda surprised with information about his daughter’s wedding! "I didn’t get the invitation"

Andrzej Duda decided to comment on media reports about the alleged wedding of his offspring. The president admitted that he was clearly surprised by this information and even complained to Kinga that she did not invite him to the ceremony …

Some time ago, the media reported that Kinga Duda broke up with her beloved Bartholomew, although the couple had some serious plans for the future.

The parents hoped that it was the only one of their daughters, and soon the young ones would stand on the wedding carpet. Unexpectedly, a friend of Kinga revealed to one of the websites that this relationship was a thing of the past.

Unexpectedly, last weekend, “Gazeta Wyborcza” published an interview with Ilona Jabłońska, the owner of a company organizing weddings and weddings.

The woman confessed that it is said in the community that Kinga Duda’s wedding will take place soon!

We decided that this was a topic worth taking up and passed on this surprising information that came from the wedding expert.

It turns out that the information about the wedding surprised, among others, the father of the “bride”. President Andrzej Duda posted a link to our article (Kinga Duda’s wedding still in June ?!) and commented it eloquently.

He added jokingly that he had a grudge against the consolation that she had forgotten to invite him to such an important ceremony.

“Kinga asks me yesterday if I know who the wedding they are writing about is going to be with. And I blame her that I did not receive an invitation to this wedding that they write about. Circus …” – wrote the president on Twitter .


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