Sarah Knappik: Model shows first photo of her baby

Sarah Knappik had her first child two months ago. Now she shared a photo of her daughter for the first time. It should remain the only one.

Sarah Knappik (34) shared a first photo with her fans eight weeks after the birth of her daughter Marly, which shows both shortly after the birth. “I love you above all”, raves the former “Germany’s next top model” participant on Instagram. Baby Marly and you are doing well, Knappik assures her followers.

“She is sweet as sugar, laughs a lot and is full of joy,” says the 34-year-old about her little daughter. The model does not want to share any more photos in the future. It will be “the first and last photo of my daughter”. The admission to the hospital bed shows one of the most beautiful moments of her life: “I’m mom now.”

Baby Marly was born by caesarean section

Marly was born by caesarean section and two weeks before the actually calculated date, like Knappik the “picture” explains. Because of the size of her baby, a normal birth was “too dangerous. Two weeks before the due date, Marly was 57 cm tall and weighed 4114 grams!” On Instagram she adds: “She now weighs 6 kilos after 2 months.”

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