Soon, in the soap opera “Amar Demais”, on TVI, a real turnaround in Zeca’s life (Gratian Days). He started by discovering that Arnaldo (João Ligarto), who he always knew as a godfather and his uncle, is after all his father. However, the surprises do not stop there.

Soon, the ex-convict finds some letters exchanged between Rosa and Susana (Elsa Galvão). The conversation is strange and looks for Olga (Helena Costa), which ends up revealing to him that this is his real mother. They are all amazed that Rosa managed to hide so many years that he was not her son.

Still in “Amar Demais”: Mãe de Zeca had a stroke and is hospitalized

Determined, he is willing to do anything to find his mother. Remember that Midas (João Manuel Vieira) was Arnaldo’s friend at the time and he must know something about the subject. He looks for him, but he says that he hasn’t known about Susana for many years, but he remembers that she had a brother.

They manage to contact him, but the news is not what they expected. This reveals to them that Susana had a stroke and is hospitalized. Back home, Zeca tells the sisters that he has found his real mother and goes to the hospital where she is hospitalized. When he sees his mother, he gets emotional, but is devastated to see that she has lost her memory and doesn’t even know who he is.

Text: Neuza Silva (; Photos: TVI Disclosure

(article originally published in issue nº 1786 of TV 7 Dias)

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