Jiří Langmajer (55) and Adéla Gondíková (47): FOR HOW MUCH DO THEY SELL PRIVACY

Two years after the wedding me my habits. You started nap. Instagram, where he did not hesitate to publish a video on which he climbs in the winter fully naked from the pool and go comments with the words: Mm little pinoura, but I’m happy! In the public talk show 7 pd Honzy Ddka, the actor even entertained the girls by telling them about their erection problems.

I practiced hormonal yoga for a while, because I had the feeling that I would never stand up to me. Around the fifties I had such a period when I began to doubt my self, and darkness began to doubt my whole body, Langmajer in front of the eyes of Adly. According to the information Aha! for an hour’s stay in Ddkov poadu he got you thousands of crowns on his hand and his wife as much as what is together a thousand thousand. Mole pedtm, both of them were so obsessed with the show Mme rdi esko.

Langmajer celebrated his 55th birthday at 7 pounds Honza Ddek. He received nonsense from the moderator and the family

Including getting about ten thousand in the evening, so they could both have twenty thousand together, revealed Aha! time informed source from television. The actor admitted that he avoided the TV competition like a devil. Pihlsila m manelka. I’m an extrmn non-compelling type, Langmajer claimed.

7 pd Honzy Ddka uv ter na Prim: Gondkov o souit s Langmajerem!


Langmajer is incredibly productive! The introduction of the theater this year did not only catch up with TV shows, but this year, according to the films in the SFD database, there should have been 7 premieres of feature films, in which they play! And for a year and two.

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