Samanta Casais gives details of her pregnancy and remembers her partner Agustina Fontenla

Last year Samanta Casais surprised everyone with her incredible cakes at Bake Off Argentina. The young woman got into the final but was later disqualified by the jury, for having previously performed tasks as a pastry chef, although she always clarified that it was amateurish. In the last few days his contest partner Agustina Fontenla, died at age 31 after catching coronavirus. In an interview with PEOPLE, the virtuous pastry chef he remembers her fondly.

Samantha is having an excellent personal time, as she Juani is pregnant with her first child, the result of her love relationship with Juan Cruz Recchimuzzi. “So far it is a wonderful, happy and loving state. We are very anxious and full of fear, but we want to meet you now and fill you with kisses and love“, aclar.

Undoubtedly, her time at Bake Off meant a before and after in her career as a pastry chef. “At first, the exhibition felt half negative because of what happened with cyberbullying, but with time I realized that everything that came was positive, especially in my field.. I am having a lot of workAlthough with the pandemic the demand decreased, it surprised me for the better and that makes me very happy. I’m harvesting some super nice things after the huge exposure I had. It is my opportunity to take full advantage of what I like to do, “Samanta explained.

The hardest blow she experienced this year was the death of her friend Agustina Fontenla. “The death of Agus the truth was that it was a very shocking episode for all of us who knew her. He was a very loved being, he was a very good person, very generous and kind. He had an impressive talent, and he was very young. He did not deserve an ending like that, he had a lot ahead of him because he was just beginning to fulfill his dream. He had his new workshop and It seemed very unfair that I have to leave like this“, I sentenced Couples.

In addition, Samantha revealed the terrible moment when she heard the fateful news: “I woke up and began to pray for her. I asked God to take care of her because I knew she was getting worse. The last I knew was that she had been intubated, and The phone wouldn’t stop vibrating. When I grabbed it I had a lot of messages telling me, I didn’t understand much. I looked at my boyfriend and told him tell me it’s a lie. I got very sick, I had a lot of things left to say to him. I loved her a lot, she was a very cute person. I was left with a bitter feeling, he was always upstairs and his laugh made me laugh“.

Although the most critical moment in his medical career came when leaked an accident that he had in 2017, and that four months later ended the life of a man. Casais never spoke about it and always clarify that it is in the hands of lawyers, and that for her it is a closed issue.

“I prefer not to touch on this subject. I apologize, anyway, I understand but I prefer not … because it is closed. A pretty cruel line was crossed, and all I wanted was to make cakes.“; The former participant of the reality show answered Adrin Pallares after being consulted.

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