Samanta Casais: she is running for Masterchef 3, analyzes the Betular phenomenon, and thinks about the sanction to Claudia Fontán

During 2020 Samanta Casais was one of the most mentioned characters in social networks and the media. Its passage through Bake Off Argentina He catapulted her as one of the revelations of the year. She was crowned champion of the cycle but was later disqualified for the huge negative campaign they made on Twitter.

At the time, Damin occupied the role of winner of the contest, although for everyone Samanta continues to be the moral winner of the edition. Today away from scandals and controversies, prepares to become a mother with her partner Juan Cruz Recchimuzzi.

  • How are you going through your pregnancy?

Samantha Couples: – I’m going through it in a wonderful way. Juani lets me do everything, I work and do a thousand things. Now I am 32 weeks old and the weight is already showing, I get a little more agitated. But we are very happy.

  • How do you live the Damin Betular phenomenon? What was it like when I was with you on the jury?

S: – Dami is the most I admire him a lot. With us it was the same, he is a super charismatic person, he has a joke for everything, he laughs and enjoys what he does. He is an incredible pastry chef, he has a wonderful talent. I admire him for that and for his personality, we were laughing all the time. He is super affectionate and container, he always had nice words with me. He taught me a lot and was very generous with all his gastronomic knowledge. I wanted to hug him when we filmed the second final of Bake Off because we were in a pandemic. I already told him that when everything is calmer, I will hug him tight.

  • A year away from the Bake Off Argentina phenomenon. Will you participate in a contest again?

S: – With everything that happened to me, the truth is that I do. I will participate in a reality show again. Be it Bake Off or Masterchef. It will be my revenge against the reality genre, and it will be good as a challenge for me to face everything that happened. I already look at it from another side, and I think this time it will be different, I will enjoy it more. I would not pay as much attention to social networks, and I would enjoy what is lived in there. Without hesitation, I will agree to participate, it is a lot of fun.

  • How did you see this latest edition of Masterchef? Who deserves to win for you?

S: – In this last edition I was not hooked much, the first one I saw more. But because I feel like they put it too fast, they didn’t let us want Masterchef to come back. Maybe I’m a bit bored, but yesterday I saw that La Gunda just left, and I like the format. For me, this edition looks very much like Cande Vetrano win, I had bet on her and La Gunda because Claudia, beyond the error, had a very good cooking; although Georgina is aiming more and more.

  • Comparing what happened to you and what we experienced at the time with La Gunda and her sanction for picking up food from the floor, did you feel just the eternal disciplinary nomination that the jury gave her?

S: – Yes, I feel that the sanction was fair. Maybe they should have disqualified her, it is a mistake that does not go. When you gather something from the floor and put it on the cake, it is inadmissible. I still do not share the attack on the networks because it does not seem fair to me. In fact, I had seen her in a couple of notes where she was re distressed and would not stop crying. Nobody deserves to be put like that for a cooking show, the cyberbullying that she suffered I do not share.

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