The funny anecdote of Damián Betular with a girlfriend: "We send a kiss to …"

There is no doubt that it is the revelation in the jury of MasterChef Celebrity (Telefe). The pastry chef Damin Betular amuses with his occurrences that multiply in thousands of memes that circulate on social networks in each issue of gastronomic contest.

Beyond his work as executive chef of the Palacio Duhau or as a jury in realities of cuisine, his personal life is almost unknown and he himself is in charge of keeping a reservation about it. So much so that no partner is known to him publicly and he even recognized a while ago that he still did not find love in another person.

“I’m going to tell you something that I think will surprise you, I think I haven’t had a first love yet. Or in what I identify as love”, admitted some time ago in an interview with the journalist Franco Torchia for the radio series “You cannot live on love.” Along the same lines, he insisted in several reports that he is not afraid of loneliness and that he is “very good alone”.

However, before the explosion in MasterChef and in full promotion of Bake Off Argentina, last year I visited the True Lozano with his friend Humberto Tortonese and there he shared a funny anecdote related to a girlfriend.

Humberto Tortonese and Damin Betular have been friends for 15 years.

After filling and decorating a cake with dulce de leche, cream, strawberries and macarons -his specialty-, Betular cut a portion and the laughter exploded when they saw that it had little filling and that the cake was very dry. In this context, the pastry chef assured that the competition would be disapproved and took the opportunity to tell a funny story of his experience as a chef. “You know that I once had a girlfriend Explain not to cut a cake that was all Styrofoam. But the father-in-law came to cut the cake and he cut the styrofoam portion … and took it out! “, sincere account.

Attentive to his story and the gaze of Humberto, the host of Cort by Lozano the coment: “You had a girlfriend, he is surprised and bullying you (in reference to Tortonese)”.

“A girlfriend?”Humberto wondered. To which he burst out laughing and nodded. Displaying his characteristic humor, Tortonese added: “In 15 years (of friendship) I didn’t know what a woman had passed through in his life, only his mother!”.

Uncomfortable with the situation, Damin clarified: “She wasn’t my girlfriend, she was the client’s girlfriend”. While in the closing they continued with the humor and Humberto closed: “We send a kiss to your girlfriend, to Carol.

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