The surgically treated twins got engaged to one man: See how the request went hand in hand

Twins Anna and Lucy got engaged to their partner Ben.

July 11, 2021 1:58 PM

Thirty-five-year-old twins from Australia, Anna and Lucy DeCinque, have been sharing a man, Ben’s partner, for ten years. The relationship suits the trio so much that she decided to get engaged. Ben asked both partners for a hand, or a hand at the same time, for a romantic picnic.

“We are the happiest twins in the world. We have a man who loves us for who we are. Ben is our hero, our prince, “say Anna and Lucy.

It’s hard to tell the sisters apart, they look exactly the same. They wear the same hairstyles, the same clothes, and a few years ago they had their breasts adjusted to have exactly the same figures. It is therefore not surprising that the media report on them as the “most identical” twins in the world.

It should come as no surprise that the engagement rings Ben wore to his partners were the same. It consists of three rings, as a symbol of the three couples, and the middle is decorated with a huge stone.

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Australian law does not allow the three to marry, but that does not prevent Anna, Lucy and Ben from being together. “We know there are places we can get married, and we will,” the nurses say.

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