Actress: Maren Kroymann wants to allow self-criticism

Berlin (dpa) – Maren Kroymann came through the Corona forced break for the stages on the idea of ​​taking a break every year in the future.

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“I urgently need these breaks – so soon we will go to the countryside in Bavaria, for digital fasting and pausing,” said Kroymann in an interview with the German press agency.

In her own words, the television, film and theater actress has survived the difficult period of the pandemic well so far: “Many of us who were allowed to stand in front of the camera were simply lucky. It is all the more important that we are all involved in this profession belonging, sticking together, articulating each other, supporting each other and helping each other, “said the Berliner.

In the ZDF comedy “Mother Announces” on Thursday at 8:15 pm, the 72-year-old plays a mother and grandmother who, to the general surprise of her family, suddenly shows completely new sides. “I have played such heterosexual and maternal roles for 30 years, already in series like” Oh God, Mr. Pfarrer “or” Vera Wesskamp “. Today I am allowed to play these roles again that I was able to play after my coming out 27 years ago Unfortunately, was no longer allowed to play. This is probably also due to the fact that my age is now considered beyond good and evil. “

Three new episodes of their satirical format “Kroymann” will run in autumn. The actress says: “I don’t want to do this kind of comedy where a person stands there and instills a certain opinion into people. I think it’s nice to provoke thought through laughing, at best a realization. I also like it, what I am – old, lesbian, feminist, red-green orientated, tend to be vegetarian – to be included in the criticism, while also making fun of myself. That doesn’t make my attitude any less clear, on the contrary: Allowing self-criticism makes you confident “.


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