Alessandra Sublet on vacation, the video of her son is reminiscent of a famous actor!

The holidays are now! With the shows coming to an end for the most part, TV presenters can already enjoy this summer time. Alessandra Sublet is also one of those to have decided to leave a few days ago. And for the occasion, the host does not hesitate to share the most memorable moments with her subscribers. Details in the rest of our article!

A more than full life!

These days have not been easy for Alessandra Sublet. The young mother of a family who was known to have flourished in her family life saw the whole rush. Indeed, the host separated from her partner Clément Miserez in 2018. An idyll which will have lasted 7 long years and given birth to two sublime children. But the young woman did not take long to recover. She also started a relationship with Jordan Deguen more recently, which ended in a breakup last April.

From then on, Alessandra Sublet decided to focus on her family life. With her two children, the flagship presenter of TF1 has regained her balance. It enjoy every moment she can spend with them. Enough to make Charlie and Alphonse happy, these two little treasures. But the situation is not always good for the mother. Indeed, his efforts to bring a more stable family life to his children sometimes arouse great criticism.

Alessandra Sublet confided moreover on the subject in a recent interview which she had dedicated to Elle. The presenter admits to having lived her move in the South in a rather difficult way. While she had made the choice to come back twice a month to be with her children, her relatives did not seem to understand. The presenter particularly struggled with criticism of the style: “But you leave the kids with their father?” “. She also admits that this separation, the time it takes for it, is very important for their balance.

Deserved vacation, shared on Insta

For this summer period, it is therefore full of happiness that Alessandra Sublet finds her children. Despite the time they spend apart from each other, the mother don’t forget his. She has also always made it a point of honor to highlight them in her shares on social networks. Proof of his thoughts for them and especially of his affection since platforms of this kind facilitate communication.

Alessandra Sublet is indeed one of the public figures who often share details about her family. For her, posts on Instagram and others follow one another. Some of his stories have caught our attention. And for good reason, the TV presenter did not fail to surprise us with a fairly original story some time ago. If once again she reveals a new feat of her child, that’s not all!

Like any public figure, Alessandra Sublet particularly appreciates keeping in touch with her fans. And on July 18, she took advantage of her vacation to reveal a pretty funny moment. Helped by her Instagram filter, the presenter of TF1 strove to create a simply hilarious story of her son Alphonse. Enough to arouse the reactions of Internet users!

Alessandra Sublet: A story that will make you laugh!

At Objeko, we were stunned by this little joke from Alessandra Sublet. In her story, the mother decided to share a sequence in which we see her son Alphonso leaving. Nothing original so far? You will understand why the front page star made such a big buzz! Indeed, the former companion of Jordan Deguen added a background sound from the Magnum series on his video. A small reference to her child’s dress code.

But is this video hiding something else? Could it be that there are feature film projects for her son? We can only hope for it for Alessandra Sublet who is already living from her dream! Especially since the look of Alphonso in this sequence is very reminiscent of that of Thomas Sullivan in the series.

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