Azucena, former model and companion of singer Florent Pagny poses without a bra on Instagram!

Last March, she reserved for her favorite singer, a wonderful surprise. Azucena Caamaño landed on the stage of the Enfoirés show.

As her man performed the Tom Jones track She’s a lady, with Amir, Jean-Louis Aubert and Claudio Capéo, the former model made a remarkable and noticed appearance in a pink dress.

In addition to that, the main interested party turns out to be a major asset for the French star. “VSis my best advisor. She doesn’t let me get through. First of all, she’s not a fan or a groupie, so she can’t forgive. There are times when …Yes, it reframe me. But hey, it’s my wife! I needed this “, confided the artist and coach of The Voice near C to You, in October 2019.

One thing is certain, Azucena has clearly not finished talking about her. The latter has launched its own range of cosmetics based on Patagonian rosehip, a brand that is a hit with “crazy products” according to the famous Laura Tenoudji.

The beauty gives her all for her project and is herself its ambassador. She posted on the brand’s Instagram, a photo of her in which she appears without a bra and radiant to prove that her beauty route makes her even more beautiful!

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