Music mogul Scooter Braun has finished with his wife of seven years, 34-year-old Yael Cohen.

In any case, the 40-year-old American, who is Justin Bieber’s manager, among others, has asked to be divorced.

It writes several American media – including People and Page Six, who already last week wondered whether the couple had separated.

According to the media, Scooter Braun has hired the famous divorce lawyer Laura Wasser, whose previous clients include Angelina Jolie, Ryan Reynolds and Kim Kardashian.

Scooter Braun and his future ex-wife, Yael Cohen.

Scooter Braun and his future ex-wife, Yael Cohen.

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Scooter Braun must have filed for divorce on Wednesday, and it is said in these that he and his future ex-wife have a marriage contract, which they intend to follow.

In connection with the divorce, Scooter Braun is seeking joint custody of his and Yael Cohen’s three children, six-year-old Jagger, four-year-old Levi and two-year-old Hart.

In addition, he has already agreed to pay wife contributions.

Scooter Braun is a successful businessman who really broke through when he accidentally discovered Justin Bieber and his enormous talent through amateur videos on YouTube.

Scooter Braun with Justin Bieber.

Scooter Braun with Justin Bieber.

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He represents some of the music industry’s biggest names, such as Kayne West, Ariana Grande and David Guetta.

He has previously represented Taylor Swift, but the two have become fierce enemies in recent years.

A public dispute that started when Scooter Braun in the spring of 2019 bought the rights to Taylor Swift’s first six albums for the nose of the singer herself.

Something that made Taylor Swift announce that she would instead re-record her old albums in order to get the rights to her own songs back.

“Now Scooter has ripped me off for my life’s work, which I didn’t even get the opportunity to buy. Basically, my musical heritage will be in the hands of someone who tried to stretch their legs for it, “Taylor Swift has previously stated about the feud.

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