Charlene of Monaco at its worst, suffering, the princess will undergo a new heavy operation

The Princess of Monaco is not currently living a fairy tale. Far from there ! Currently in South Africa, she sees her native country torn apart by internal struggles. Worse, she is separated by thousands of kilometers from her husband and two children. Indeed, she traveled to the country of Nelson Mandela last March. The Monegasque princess was to visit associations that fight against poaching. Yes but here it is, Gabriella and Jacques’ mother very quickly contracted a nasty ENT infection which prevented her from returning to the rock.

According to the magazine Gala, we now know more about the origin of his disease. Indeed, the princess has made it known that she had undergone a sinus transplant before her trip. Because he had dental implants. It was therefore following this operation that she contracted this serious infection in the ears and throat.

Charlene of Monaco: Her last mediation appearance, last January

Its last media appearance dates back to January 26. She was then participating in the Saint Devotee ceremony in Monaco. At the time, she took advantage during this event of the tender company of her husband and her two children. During the evening, the Princess of Monaco had granted an interview to our colleagues from the magazine Point of view. Her last ones had asked her about her new haircut, very short.

“This haircut is my decision. It seems that she provoked all kinds of comments. But it turns out that I wanted it for a long time, the style pleases me, that’s all ” she had then made it clear to Point de Vue journalists.

“I have nothing to answer them”

And to continue: “I have nothing to answer them, except that we are in 2021 and that in these times so troubled, so difficult, other much more important subjects deserve our attention she had indeed continued.

Now far from her family, she confides in Channel 24 what “her husband, her babies and her doggies”Are sorely missed. “My daily conversations with Albert and my children help me keep my spirits up a lot, but I miss their presence a lot (…) I can’t wait for us to be together“.

A unique video for a special wedding anniversary

On July 2, however, she celebrated from a distance her 10 years of marriage with Albert II of Monaco. The former swimmer delighted her entire community by sharing this video on the social network. You could find photos and videos there. Of course of their marriage but also of more intimate moments with family. In voice-over, Charlene of Monaco did not fail to warmly thank her relatives for their support.

Thank you for your love and your support, and for the generosity we have received during this decade of marriage. With gratitude, we can continue our work through our foundations. Thank you for the wedding anniversary gifts, for your generosity, and for your trust. With all our love and respect. Thank you.“, She indeed indicated.

Her moving message to her husband

At the end of the video, she launched a particularly moving message: “I would like to encourage you to continue to donate, to be someone else’s light, and to do what you can to change lives in your community. May God continue to bless you.“, She thus concluded.

Today, Charlene can nevertheless be consoled. Because her husband and her two children would soon come to visit her. “Prince Albert will soon be visiting his wife’s bedside. He will be accompanied by his children, Hereditary Prince Jacques and Princess Gabriella, to be together near and support her“, Can we learn in the columns of nice morning at the end of last June. But the current situation in South Africa does not help matters. Indeed, since the imprisonment of former President Jacob Zuma, demonstrations and looting have erupted across the country. The situation was so tense in early July that the army even had to intervene.

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