Is Meghan’s brother moving into the Australian Big Brother house?

What does the TV station say about the Meghan brother rumors?

Will it soon be – at least about relational corners – royal in the TV container Down Under? As the website “Bustle” reports, Meghan’s half-brother is said to be Thomas Markle Jr (55) sighted at Sydney Airport. From there, he should then go into quarantine for two weeks. Incidentally, the rumors are not about the regular edition of the camera show, but about the celebrity version. Okay, actually in the case of Thomas the half-sister is the prominent family member, but the Australian “Big Brother” makers don’t take that too closely. But what does the broadcaster say about the speculation?

Does Thomas bring a royal level to the Big Brother house?

“Channel Seven”, the TV station that broadcasts the celebrity version of Australian “Big Brother”, prefers to keep a low profile when it comes to royal relatives. “We do not comment on speculation about the cast of ‘Big Brother VIP’. Everything will be revealed soon and Big Brother is looking forward to meeting the new residents,” the Daily Mail Australia quoted the broadcaster as saying.

But whether Thomas really brings a royal flair into the house? Rather not. Meghan’s sibling has it all behind the ears. He was arrested once before by the police in Oregon, USA, for drinking and driving.

Meghan’s half-brother is quite a troublemaker

He is also alleged to have drawn a gun during an argument with his girlfriend and pressed the gun to her head, as reported by the “Sun”. And his sister Meghan? Does he find “arrogant” and also constantly reproach her. Ouch, Big Brother, that can be cheerful … (US)


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