Lucifer fans found a problem in the relationship between the protagonist and God in the Netflix series. On Reddit, viewers point out that the show resolved the disagreement between the two characters too quickly and didn’t answer many questions about that relationship.

“Was I the only one who was disappointed in how they handled the relationship between God and Lucifer in season five?” began questioning a fan.

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Lucifer viewers cite that the family dinner scene, with God and Lucifer, was the closest thing to an ideal conversation between the two. After that, fans point out that the two didn’t have much room to settle a million-year-old argument.

“The conversation in episode 11, when God starts talking about Lucifer’s devil face, is cut short. Taking into account all the disagreements, the tension should have continued”, pointed out another one.

“Their problems have been buried for millions of years and Lucifer and God making it all sorted out after an episode or two doesn’t make any sense,” added a third.

Finally, fans pointed out that questions such as why Lucifer was put through hell, Chloe’s parents’ blessing and whether Miguel actually manipulated Lucifer were not answered. Apparently, God may not come back, which would create a problem with these mysteries on Netflix.

Lucifer arrives with final season on Netflix

On Netflix, Tom Ellis still has a few stories before he says goodbye as Lucifer. The actor returns in the second part of the fifth season and only after the sixth and final year of the series.

In season five, Lucifer presents a new challenge. As shown in Netflix previews, Michael (or Miguel), the protagonist’s archangel twin brother, arrives to try to take his place.

That for fans means having a double Tom Ellis. The protagonist also gets the role of the villain Michael.

The series used the characters’ costumes and accent to differentiate them, which turns out to be fun for the fans.

“Bored with living in the dark, the devil moves to Los Angeles, opens a piano bar and lends his wisdom to a murder investigator,” says the Netflix synopsis.

Lucifer is available on Netflix with five seasons. The final year has no forecast yet.

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