Finally there is new music from Helene Fischer

Helene Fischer announces new single and new album

She finally reports back after a countdown to 15 days had started and Helene had removed all postings on social media: “Hello everyone, it’s been a long time. It’s crazy times. The whole world has changed, I’ve changed “, she talks about the world in the corona change.

But the singer has great news: “I’ve been in the studio a lot, thinking about which topics to cover. I’ve thought a lot about you guys. That’s why I’m happy to say that my first single is out. Me I was finally allowed to give me the time to write songs. “

Helenes “persönlichstes Album ever”

The musician promises her fans something: She believes it will be her “most personal album ever”. “The first single is coming. The first song is not a solo song, I’ve chosen a duet partner,” she reveals.

Unfortunately, Helene does not reveal who it will be. She still leaves the fans fidgeting and guessing. After all, she ends her posting with a nice promise: “I’ll send you a lot of love. We’ll see each other more often now.”

It can be assumed that the first music will be heard in two weeks, after all, Helene started a 15-day countdown shortly before the new post. But Helene has not yet revealed an official date. (US)


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