Helene Fischer: You’re coming soon "most personal album ever"

New music from Helene Fischer! The hit queen was “in the studio a lot” and worked “very intensively” on a new album.

Helene Fischer (36) will soon be back with a new album after her break! On Instagram, all of her posts suddenly disappeared. And a countdown had appeared on their homepagewhich expires in around two weeks. On July 22nd, the German pop queen said in her Instagram stories that she had been working harder on her music.

Singer has “enjoyed her luck”

“Hello everyone, yes, it was a long time ago”, Fischer opens her story. She hopes that her fans and their families are doing well. The 36-year-old is “incredibly” happy to be able to get in touch with her followers again. For the singer, the past weeks and months have been a “very intense, but also a very reflective and great time” in which she withdrew.

Fischer had “enjoyed her luck” and “of course worked very hard on my new album” as well as “thought a lot about you”. In addition, she can hardly wait to finally be on stage again for her fans. But she does not yet know when this will be the case.

Fischer had “been in the studio a lot” and had given more thought to the topics she wanted to cover in new songs: “Which songs would I like to send on the journey after such a long time?” You feel a “new and totally exciting and honest feeling”. The work on her first new single is apparently finished. She “got involved like never before, to be honest. That’s why I believe that it will also be my most personal album ever.”

It starts!

“Now, as I said, it starts, the first single is coming,” continues Fischer. But she doesn’t want to reveal much about it yet because she loves surprises. For her first new song she chose a “very, very, very great guest” as a duet partner. Who is it? The singer also hides that. But she confirms that the album should be released in 2021.

Also posted she posted a clip on Instagram with a short musical excerpt. This could be a foretaste of the single. The running countdown on their homepage should probably indicate the release of the song. But maybe by then the whole album will already be available.

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