Hilona and Julien Bert again as a couple: This romantic video makes people react!

Obviously, the life of a couple between the two reality TV stars is not a long quiet river. Hilona and Julien Bert have indeed chained the breakups and reconciliations, a sign of a roller coaster relationship. As a result, everything suggests that they love to separate the better to find each other. Currently on vacation in Italy with the one she could consider as the man of her life, the pretty brunette shared a romantic video on Instagram on July 20, 2021. From then on, Internet users reacted en masse to give their point of view. seeing this umpteenth turnaround.

A flashback that is not unanimous

Good that the candidate of Objectif Rest of the World be happier than ever in the arms of Julien Bert, the opinions of Internet users are still mixed. Some were indeed surprised to discover that they are in a relationship again. It seems indeed difficult to follow their story, because a few days ago, the rumor that the beautiful kid would have found a shoe to his feet swelled on the canvas. As a reminder, he would have approached Laura Maraa on the set of the cross. Only here, Hilona had subsequently landed in the adventure. Like their reunion in Marrakech, the two lovebirds have gradually found common ground.

For many Internet users, Hilona Gos and Julien Bert are creating a buzz, following the example of Maeva Ghennam and Greg Yega. Either way, they intend to take advantage of their romantic getaway in Italy to get together better. It remains to be seen if the two lovebirds are considering important projects in their relationship.

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