Daniele Negroni (25) and his girlfriend Laura Steinert caused quite a stir a few months ago on the TV show #CoupleChallenge: The former DSDS candidate freaked out in front of the camera, threw insults around and screamed loudly. Although he had publicly apologized for his behavior after the show, his behavior apparently shocked his partner and seriously affected. And the relationship has apparently not recovered from that either: Daniele and Laura have separated!

This sad news announced Daniele now in conversation with Pierre van Hooven in the podcast “Die Chaos WG”. The musician and his girlfriend had already taken a break from the relationship after “#CoupleChallenge”, but noticed that they couldn’t be without each other. “But it was never like it was before ‘#CoupleChallenge'”, explained the 25-year-old and finally reported on the separation a few weeks ago: “To cut a long story short, we just split up. We have split up now.”

He initially kept the love-out a secret for a few weeks because the separation had taken him a lot. “I huddled in my home, sat a lot in my studio and made music – and often asked myself what I might have done wrong,” he said, describing the difficult time and emphasized: “I think and I know that in my whole life I will never find such a great woman again. That was a huge mistake on my part.”


Jacob Taylor

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