Iva Domingues goes to Goucha and is afraid: “I’m not comfortable”

Goucha will interview Iva Domingues on Thursday’s program.

A few hours from being interviewed by Manuel Luís Goucha on Thursday’s ‘Goucha’ program on TVI, va domingues used the social network Instagram to confess the nervousness he is feeling.

I’ve already had the privilege of interviewing Manuel Luís Goucha twice! The first, for ‘Capable’, the other for ‘Turning the Game’. They were two delicious and fun moments like only Goucha can provide…“, he wrote in the caption of a photograph in which he appears with his professional colleague.

Today I will be the interviewee. Today it’s me answering Manel’s questions… I’m not used to being on this side of the table, I’m not comfortable with this role. Ò Goucha, man, you see what you’re going to ask me!“, added va domingues.

The ‘Goucha’ program is scheduled for the 16:05 hours.

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