Joshua Jackson comments on how he was proposed by his wife

The actor Joshua Jackson, known for “Dawson’s Creek“, comments that he was taken by surprise with the unexpected marriage proposal of his current wife, the actress Jodie Turner Smith. The couple has been together since 2018 and became engaged in December 2019, getting married in an intimate ceremony soon after. Joshua commented on everything in an interview on the show Jimmy Fallon.

“She asked me to marry me on New Year’s Eve,” the star commented when asked about his relationship with the actress. “We were in Nicaragua. It was very beautiful, incredibly romantic. We were walking along the beach and she asked me to marry him. I knew the answer as soon as she asked,” he said.

During the interview, he commented more on what had happened, but without giving too much detail: “There was a kind of preamble. She built a whole reasoning. I wasn’t expecting it, but she was emphatic and she was right. It was the best choice I ever made.”

“When I met my husband it was kind of a one-night stand,” Jodie said when asked about starting their relationship in 2018. “We’ve been enjoying that night for three years now.” The couple has a daughter, Janie, who they avoid showing their face on social media

Check out the interview below:

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