Pampita’s daughter was born in Otamendi: she went into labor at dawn today

Pampita (43) became the mother of a girl with Roberto Garca Moritn. Last night, after the broadcast of The academy (the thirteenth) her last day of work she had starred in a night walk to accelerate the chances of accelerating the delivery and clearing the cervix. Finally, at 1 am in the morning in the Otamendi sanatorium with her husband.

The fifth daughter of the model was born at 9.30AM today with a weight of 3,200 kilos and through natural childbirth. As the driver had anticipated, the prepartum work was done in one of the bathtubs of the clinic where the pain of the contractions passed better.

“I worked until the last moment”, said his friend Gabriel Oliveri in communication with Us in the morning (the thirteen). Yesterday after 2 p.m., the jury of ShowMatch the last ultrasound had been done to check the baby. “It was to check his little heart”, the mother of Benicio, Beltrn Y Bautista. Those were the last checks before giving birth.

Pampita and Roberto Garca Moritn became parents of a girl

After their meteoric courtship and wedding in 2019, the model and the gastronomic entrepreneur crowned their love in 2021 with the arrival of their first daughter together who joins the huge assembled family that makes up the couple.

Previously, Ardohain hosted Blanca, Baustista, Beltrn and Benicio, fruit of its relationship with Benjamin Vicua. While Garca Moritn is the father of Delfina and Santino, the children he had with Milagros Brito.

Birthday with surprise announcement

It had already been rumored for a few weeks, but it was the model herself who confirmed her pregnancy on January 17 happened during his 43rd birthday celebration in the middle of his family vacation in Mxico.

In front of their children –Bautista, Beltrn and Benicio– and her husband’s children –Delfina and Santino-, the presenter said happily: “This giant family is going to be even more giant.”. In a live broadcast on Instagram, Pampita exploded a white balloon that released a pink powder and thus revealed that she was in sweet waiting for a baby.

Pampita and serenity in her fifth pregnancy

Carrying a child for the fifth time may not be news to the Academy jury, but the anticipation and adrenaline generated by each advance of pregnancy makes it feel as if it were the first time.

However, in different reports the driver insisted on highlighting the tranquility she feels on this occasion. I like being pregnant. Being the fifth pregnancy there is less anxiety, it passes faster because sometimes I do not remember how many weeks I am, there is less attention to certain details because I have less doubts and more tranquility from the experience lived. There is no intrigue in the fifth: you know how the month is going to be month by month “, detail.

Respected delivery: the model’s guidelines for the time of giving birth

Before the birth, Carolina wrote a birth plan where she detailed everything she wanted in her “respected delivery”. “I would like to have a vaginal delivery, but if it has to be caesarean for health and medical requirement, be “, assured the presenter.

In addition, she added that she would like to be the first to clean her baby: I would also like to be the person to clean our daughter for the first time, because it is not necessary that it is just born. There is always the routine of quick cleaning to stimulate the little body, but that I want to do it patiently with Robert. “ Regarding the vaccination of the newborn, she stated that It does not have to be just born, it can be after a while; so that the first sensation at birth is not a prick “.

While skin-to-skin contact is hardly born “Give the cord some time before cutting it”. Y argument: “That’s because there is a time until all the blood passes from one side to the other. I don’t want anything to be done in a hurry and to give her her time with warmth. “

“I would also like that at the time of delivery there be quiet, that all of us who are there are connected “, aadi. “They are minimal things that have nothing to do with health because I do want it all: being in a clinic and using anesthesia. I understand that many want to feel that moment with everything and do not use that resource, I admire those who do. Everything is valid, he concluded.

Being Pampita: a pregnancy made reality

Model, host, actress and businesswoman. Pampita’s career, which began in the late 1990s, took important turns this year. Not only because she was pregnant, but because she decided to sign with the Paramount + platform (Viacom / CBS) to record her own reality show.

Based on the information you collected PEOPLE, the production -titled “Being Pampita”– have ten episodes where the model shows the challenges of going through her fifth pregnancy while fulfilling her different work commitments while dividing her time being with her assembled family.

Roberto, in this sense, played an important role by being his faithful companion in the daily routine of his wife, who lived the last months of pregnancy surrounded by cameras that recorded a large part of her day to day.


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