Patrick Puydebat with his beautiful Magali and his stepson: photo of their vacation

On July 8, Patrick Puydebat confided in his meeting with Magali during an interview for the magazine Gala. It was in Brussels that their eyes met for the first time, but it was only later that fate brought them together again. “On the eve of the first confinement, I ran into her again by chance in Paris and I offered to join us at my home in Normandy. I had also invited a couple of friends. She came with her son Mattéo, who just turned 14. It went like that“, had entrusted the actor.

Incredible but true, it is thanks to the attack of a ram that they ended up getting closer! “It is an animal that is not usually dangerous, but that day he injured her right arm. And what was only an incident has become a crippling problem. She had the operation and even today, she still cannot practice her profession. Obviously, it brought us closer: over time, we became attached to each other, and last summer, we declared ourselves.“Since then, the lovebirds are still swimming in happiness and are thinking of marriage.

Jacob Taylor

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