Prince George: This is how the royals congratulate their birthday

Prince George is eight years old. The son of Duchess Kate and Prince William receives congratulations from the royals.

Prince George can be happy because the eldest offspring of Duchess Kate (39) and Prince William (39) will be eight years old today, Thursday (July 22nd). The royals of the British royal family congratulate the brother of Princess Charlotte (6) and Prince Louis (3) on his special day.

Kate and William

First and foremost, of course, the parents of the birthday child were happy for the special day. The day before, Duchess Kate and Prince William proudly posted a birthday portrait of their eldest son on social media. The parents themselves could hardly believe how big George has already become and wrote about the photo: “He will be eight (!) Years old tomorrow.”

Die Queen

From the Queen’s official Twitter account (95) Prince George could also look forward to congratulations. “We wish Prince George a happy eighth birthday today,” said the tweet. The account shared Kate and William’s post with George’s new portrait on this special day.

Camilla and Charles

Also grandfather Prince Charles (72) and step-grandma Duchess Camilla (74) congratulated George on his birthday. They also shared his parents’ tweet and wrote: “A great birthday for Prince George.”

The proud parents thanked them on Twitter the prince for the numerous congratulations and wrote: “Thank you for all the lovely news on Prince George’s eighth birthday!” Prince George is the first child of Prince William and Duchess Kate. The two have been married since 2011.

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