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One of the long-awaited releases of Marvel Studios for this year is Spider-Man: No Return Home, the third chapter in the Arachnid Hero franchise. The movie is set to be released in December, but so far we haven’t had a trailer or even an official poster, since the Sony is making a big mystery for the launch. And movie owners are not willing to wait…

Recently, a profile of Twitter identified as @SpiderMan3news shared photos of some movie networks that are using unofficial posters made by fans to publicize the film’s release. And the curious thing is that the two posters in question show something that has not yet been confirmed from the production: the presence of older versions of Spider-Man (Tobey Maguire e Andrew Garfield).

So far, it is believed that the film will deal with the Multiverse of Marvel, since we will have the return of Alfred Molina e Jamie Foxx like the Doctor Octopus it’s the Electro. However, the participation of Garfield and Maguire – who gave life to Amigão da Neighborhood in the two previous franchises of Sony – have not yet been confirmed. If it’s not real, the movie theaters in question may be making false advertising.

Check out the following posters:

Unofficial Spider-Man: No Homecoming posters used by US movie networks.

What we know official so far is that, in his third film on the Marvel Cinematic Universe, the Neighborhood Buddy will need to prove his innocence after his secret identity has been exposed to the world, along with the accusation that he was responsible for the murder of the Mysterio. It seems that Peter Parker is in bad shape, even more so with a new group of villains joining to defeat him…

Spider-Man: No Return Home premiere in December 2021.

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