This member of the Hallyday clan had to be taken care of urgently: Laeticia at first destitute, breaks the silence!

Johnny Hallyday’s dog, Santos, is at its worst. The adorable animal is indeed going through a complicated period … the same goes for the members of the clan who are very, very attached to it.

And as he is very important to all these beautiful people, the main person concerned was urgently entrusted to a veterinarian well known to Mickey Rourke, a friend of the late Johnny.

Laeticia, upset, immediately asked her many Instagram subscribers “prayers and love“for Santos.

And obviously, it paid off. With the talent of the vet, the dog that Taulier adored so much, got out of the woods as evidenced by a new Instagram story posted by Jalil Lespert’s sweetheart in person.

“Thank you for all your touching thoughts for our Santos. He fought like a warrior, still a little fragile but he is getting better”, specified the pretty blonde, mother of Jade and Joy who must also be very sorry.

One thing is certain, Laeticia Hallyday takes great care of this pretty ball of hair as well as of Cheyenne, the other star animal of the pretty little family.

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