Chris Tall: “Anything can happen!”

The celebrities should help the candidates to get a lot of money

The celebrities on the spinning wheel are supposed to help the candidates in their self-chosen specialty. The candidates can earn up to 112,000 euros together with the celebrities in the show.

The wheel is the biggest surprise factor, because nobody knows whether the celebrities will really get their turn in their specialty or whether they have to answer a question for which they have absolutely no plan. The expert then sits in the group, but of course is not allowed to help.

Thorsten Legat is a celebrity in a show and has chosen the jungle camp as his specialty. He is even lucky enough to get this question and explains for minutes how sure he is. But then the hammer: the answer is wrong! Since he can’t bite his own bum, his seat has to believe in it.

“The Wheel – Celebrities turn the wheel” from July 23 on RTL and TVNOW

Which decisions the wheel still makes, which celebrities can use their specialist knowledge well or not at all and how much money the stars earn together with the candidates, all of this is available in the new show “The Wheel – Celebrities turn the wheel” from Friday , July 23, from 10:15 p.m. on RTL on TV and at the same time to be seen in the RTL livestream on TVNOW.

And directly on the following Saturday, July 24th, the second episode of “The Wheel – Celebrities turning the wheel” can be seen from 10:15 pm. Also on TV and on TVNOW.


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