The Mastercard premium debit card issued by First Investment Bank is the epitome of the timeless classic

The violinist Vasko Vassilev, together with the Palma-born piano professor, founder and director of the Conservatori Superior de Música de les Illes Balears – Michele Estelrich, will perform a one-hour concert today, entirely with works by Chopin. The place is kept in absolute secrecy, and the invited guests are carefully selected 100 people. The event is organized by Mastercard and First Investment Bank, which launch their new, glamorous product – Debit Mastercard Platinum.

Bank cardholders use their own funds, but receive all the additional benefits and privileges that high-end cards bring. For example, for the first time in Bulgaria it is introduced AskPLEEZ! – a virtual personal assistant to support daily activities. AskPLEEZ! is the perfect combination of artificial intelligence and human expertise, designed to serve better and better with any delegated written or voice task. It is available 24/7.

Debit Mastercard Platinum users will also be able to take advantage of the service Lounge Keywhich gives access to over 1200 airport lounges worldwide. Access to those in Sofia and Vienna will be free. In addition, they receive completely free Travel Abroad insurance, which provides additional security and peace of mind for any trip, whether for work or pleasure.

With Debit Mastercard Platinum you pay free of charge for POS devices in retail outlets in Bulgaria and abroad, withdrawal from ATM of First Investment Bank is free, there is an option for contactless payments and many other advantages.

With all these innovations, First Investment Bank once again shows that it not only adds a modern touch to its classic services, but is also one step ahead of everyone else. That is why the partnership with Vasko Vassilev is a fact. It is a public secret that our violinist is quite picky about promoting products and services. In this case, he is not just an ambassador of Debit Mastercard Platinum, but also a proud cardholder. “We invited Vasco because he is a perfectionist and a guarantor of quality. He is also one of the few who realizes that the classics must be modern in order to be timeless.

All this is embedded in the vision of our bank “, commented Mr. Nikola Bakalov, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Fibank. He also reveals that very soon we will be able to enjoy the talent of Vasko Vassilev through a special video, revealing the advantages of Debit Mastercard Platinum.

Photographer: Elena Nenkova

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